Bathmate review by customer from Dubai

Dubai Client Review-Bathmate Xtreme

I thought I would take a little time to let you know what a great experience I had dealing with  My recent order of the Bathmate Xtreme was remarkable from beginning to end and I was truly impressed by the product, the company and the staff.

Before I made the actual order I needed a few clarifications on what the Xtreme offered and I also had some concerns about the shipping. Living in Dubai, customs here is notorious for detaining products that are shipped in and creating a lot of hassle. I conveyed my questions/concerns to Bathmate Singapore via email through their website and received a very fast and professional response. Their staff gave me specific ideas on how to avoid any problems with customs and to my surprise it actually worked!

I followed the shipping suggestions Bathmate Singapore gave me and was shocked when my package arrived on the morning of the second day with absolutely no problems from customs at all! I had previously tried to purchase this product through another site but the response time was almost painful and ultimately the product got held at customs, pretty much a terrible adventure from the beginning.

After receiving the Xtreme I was immediately impressed. I did not expect it to be of even higher quality than what appeared on the website, but it was. Additionally, the accessories were well made and seemed to be of high quality as well. Overall the product I received was exactly as pictured on the site and operated exactly as shown in the Xtreme 6 weeks challenge video that I had watched. There were a few small questions I had about the regular use of the product and Bathmate Singapore quickly answered these through Skype which was very convenient and not something I have found with most website operations.

I have had some pretty bad experiences with companies in the past that offer adult products online. It was really refreshing to find a company like Bathmate Singapore that handles everything in a professional manner and more importantly delivers exactly what they promise and more. The fast response through email and especially Skype really made me feel comfortable dealing with them.

The buying experience was fantastic but the actual use of the Xtreme was even better! I have been using it for about 5 weeks and I am really starting to see a big difference. The handball pump design makes the training much easier, more comfortable and from what I see, much more effective. In the last 10 days I am starting to see a large improvement when I am both soft and erect, which is a real confidence booster to say the least. It has made me feel more confident in my performance and I have even gotten a few comments that confirm it is true!

For anyone looking to improve their penis size using a high quality pump I can confidently recommend the Bathmate Xtreme and They will certainly be on the top of my list for all of my adult product needs.