Bathmate review by customer from USA

US Client Review Bathmate Xtreme

Just like everyone else I normally do not take the time to write something about a positive experience that I have had with a product or company. However, in this case my experience was so good I felt compelled to put a few words on paper and let you know how impressed I am with your company.

I first came across your website about a month ago when I was browsing around the net. I liked what I saw, but honestly, I have had so many bad experiences with other products in the past I was still a bit skeptical. About six months ago I had purchased the Hercules model from a local adult shop and was really disappointed with the whole process. The staff at the shop could not answer any of my questions and knew very little about the product. Additionally I am pretty sure they had a hefty mark up as their price was considerably higher than what you offer on your website.

Anyhow, I saw the Bathmate Xtreme on your site and had heard really good things about the results that other guys had been getting, so wanted to give it a try. There were a few questions that I had so I shot off an email through your contact form and expected it would take several days to get a response, which seems normal on the net these days. To my surprise, I received a reply within 24 hours and not only were my questions answered but your staff also gave me additional information at great length, which made me feel confident that the Bathmate Xtreme would serve my needs.

Feeling good about the product information I had received and the professional behavior of your staff I went ahead and ordered my Bathmate Xtreme and waited for delivery. By the way, I really enjoyed the helpful tips your staff gave me about how to get the order shipped and avoid the tax, thanks! As promised on the morning of day 3 my order arrived, again I was shocked as you actually delivered on time and with zero problems!

The product came in a plain white box which was nice because it kept the contents private, which is appreciated. After opening the package it was easy to see that it was exactly as advertised. It looked exactly like the picture on your site and in the Xtreme 6 week challenge video series. After inspecting the Bathmate Xtreme I could also tell it was a solid product made of quality components and accessories, not cheaply made like so many other products on the market these days.

This was my first time using the Xtreme so I was a bit unsure on exactly how to use it but again your company really went above and beyond. I reached out to via Skype and received instructions from one of your knowledgeable staff members in a complete and prompt manner. I have to say after several years of dealing with products from other companies in other countries Bathmate Singapore is far and above much more professional, trustworthy and credible than any other company I have dealt with.

Last but not least, it has been just under a month now of using the Bathmate Xtreme. I can honestly say I am now seeing permanent results that are significant. I experienced almost no results with other products and with the Xtreme I not only feel a difference but I can see an improvement visually in both flaccid and erect states. This has made me feel much more confident and I can tell you it has improved my performance in the bedroom as well. This was a bit longer than I had intended but I wanted to say THANK YOU Bathmate Singapore for delivering exactly what you promised and more!