Long penis saves family during World War II

I lived on the border of Russian and Poland at the beginning of World War II. My citizenship was in Russia and back then if they said you were going to war, you were going to war with a smile whether you wanted to or not. Figuring it may be my last night with my family, namely my wife, I wanted to do something extra special for her to remember me by. The kids were asleep and she was waiting for me in the bedroom all preened and pretty and I had just finished my present for her when the front door burst open. Without thinking, I ran out of the bathroom to come face to face with three German soldiers, all with their rifles raised. Against their bayonets my own sword, ready for my wife, was raised as well. And it wasn’t going down anytime soon.

In the face of my erection they seemed to forget why they had come there in the first place. They pointed at it and jabbered something to me in German. I spoke only a spat of German and of the words they said I understood none except of course ‘the’ and ‘big’. Behind me I heard the door squeak as my wife peeked out. When the Germans continued to act surprised and insistent, they moved towards the back of the house, gesturing to my longer penis and then with shrugs of question. Taking a wild guess I slid into the bathroom, grabbed the penis pump I got that morning, and handed it to them. They poked it with their bayonets and jabbered some more confused German, so I mimed how to use it, pumped up my erection a bit more for a demonstration (all the while listening to the scuffles of my wife and children as they snuck out through the back door to the cellar), and prayed this wasn’t going to last much longer. I couldn’t help thinking that God had a sick sense of humor. I would have been laughing myself if it weren’t for my terror for my family.

Once I finished demonstrating how to use it the pump was snatched from me and I had a moment to peer over my shoulder as each soldier in turn zipped down their pants to try it out. They nearly forgot all about me in their excitement. You’d think Hitler didn’t allow a larger penis than his own or something.

Before I knew it I stood with a bunch of naked Nazi’s in my living room who had long forgotten their rifles in the corner. One had shut the door at the beginning of all this and the thunder of shots and screams echoed outside, yet they seemed too preoccupied with the biggest erections they had ever had in their lives.

They couldn’t bring themselves to shoot me after that, nor did they even try to find my hidden family. They commandeered my penis pump, said ‘Auf Wiedersehen!’, and vanished into the night. I was left with a wilting erection, a sense of confusion, and a family alive and safe.

Penis pump made homeless own Lamborghini

I never thought of myself as a man in need of, as one would say in polite society, compensation. Those were the morons who drove trucks too big to be useful with gangster rims and coffee can mufflers. Come on, honestly, you can’t tell me that the whole block doesn’t think it when those monsters come roaring down the street. Compensating

But then the day that we all dread came to bitch slap me in the face: lay off. Yep. Lost my job, lost my house, lost my car–hell, I even lost my girlfriend. Guess the stress got to her. Anyways, I found myself in a tent city within Las Vegas poking forks around empty cans and growing beards with the rest of the chums there. Nursing students used us for needle practice. Got to give those poor saps vaccinations or they might disease the rest of humanity. Yeah. Hurray for charity.

Then one day, David, a pal of mine who was flipping his cardboard ‘anything will help, god bless,’ came back to camp with the last thing I expected: penis pumps. The kind the guys in the trucks dream of. Apparently someone took ‘anything will help’ literally. Since we had nothing better to do and since life couldn’t get any worse than this, we watched our peckers grow longer, larger, and ready for action. We giggled like damn girls. Then, lo and behold, one of those poor nursing students walked in right as my pal David walked out to get his plague prevention pokes. I stared at her. She stared at me–well, at a part of me, and…let’s just say I didn’t miss my girlfriend anymore after that. Either nursing students knew things they’d never admit to, or I was just better at sex. Good thing we were all vaccinated.

Little miss nurse spread the word to her friends and more and more kept coming by. Girls rained in from left and right and, like wildfire, word went through the rest of Vegas as well. Tent city became a red light district. Can’t say the other chaps were too comfortable with slobbering women passing their tents every day, so after they left David and I found ourselves doing five minute Thunder Down Under routines for a grand (we’d never seen the Thunder Down Under guys, but apparently we did all right). At first, I laughed at the idea, but good lord, it worked! Soon we were charging two thousand, fifty thousand, one hundred thousand!

They called us the Riding Richards.

Friends, I swear on my life, we now own a place on the strip with blinky lights and long pictures of our profiles plastered all over the place. I’m sexy, I’m wanted, and I’m rich.

And let me tell you, those blinky lights? They’re sick.

Bathmate review by customer from USA

US Client Review Bathmate Xtreme

Just like everyone else I normally do not take the time to write something about a positive experience that I have had with a product or company. However, in this case my experience was so good I felt compelled to put a few words on paper and let you know how impressed I am with your company.

I first came across your website about a month ago when I was browsing around the net. I liked what I saw, but honestly, I have had so many bad experiences with other products in the past I was still a bit skeptical. About six months ago I had purchased the Hercules model from a local adult shop and was really disappointed with the whole process. The staff at the shop could not answer any of my questions and knew very little about the product. Additionally I am pretty sure they had a hefty mark up as their price was considerably higher than what you offer on your website.

Anyhow, I saw the Bathmate Xtreme on your site and had heard really good things about the results that other guys had been getting, so wanted to give it a try. There were a few questions that I had so I shot off an email through your contact form and expected it would take several days to get a response, which seems normal on the net these days. To my surprise, I received a reply within 24 hours and not only were my questions answered but your staff also gave me additional information at great length, which made me feel confident that the Bathmate Xtreme would serve my needs.

Feeling good about the product information I had received and the professional behavior of your staff I went ahead and ordered my Bathmate Xtreme and waited for delivery. By the way, I really enjoyed the helpful tips your staff gave me about how to get the order shipped and avoid the tax, thanks! As promised on the morning of day 3 my order arrived, again I was shocked as you actually delivered on time and with zero problems!

The product came in a plain white box which was nice because it kept the contents private, which is appreciated. After opening the package it was easy to see that it was exactly as advertised. It looked exactly like the picture on your site and in the Xtreme 6 week challenge video series. After inspecting the Bathmate Xtreme I could also tell it was a solid product made of quality components and accessories, not cheaply made like so many other products on the market these days.

This was my first time using the Xtreme so I was a bit unsure on exactly how to use it but again your company really went above and beyond. I reached out to www.bathmatesingapore.com via Skype and received instructions from one of your knowledgeable staff members in a complete and prompt manner. I have to say after several years of dealing with products from other companies in other countries Bathmate Singapore is far and above much more professional, trustworthy and credible than any other company I have dealt with.

Last but not least, it has been just under a month now of using the Bathmate Xtreme. I can honestly say I am now seeing permanent results that are significant. I experienced almost no results with other products and with the Xtreme I not only feel a difference but I can see an improvement visually in both flaccid and erect states. This has made me feel much more confident and I can tell you it has improved my performance in the bedroom as well. This was a bit longer than I had intended but I wanted to say THANK YOU Bathmate Singapore for delivering exactly what you promised and more!

Bathmate review by customer from Dubai

Dubai Client Review-Bathmate Xtreme

I thought I would take a little time to let you know what a great experience I had dealing with www.BathmateSingapore.com.  My recent order of the Bathmate Xtreme was remarkable from beginning to end and I was truly impressed by the product, the company and the staff.

Before I made the actual order I needed a few clarifications on what the Xtreme offered and I also had some concerns about the shipping. Living in Dubai, customs here is notorious for detaining products that are shipped in and creating a lot of hassle. I conveyed my questions/concerns to Bathmate Singapore via email through their website and received a very fast and professional response. Their staff gave me specific ideas on how to avoid any problems with customs and to my surprise it actually worked!

I followed the shipping suggestions Bathmate Singapore gave me and was shocked when my package arrived on the morning of the second day with absolutely no problems from customs at all! I had previously tried to purchase this product through another site but the response time was almost painful and ultimately the product got held at customs, pretty much a terrible adventure from the beginning.

After receiving the Xtreme I was immediately impressed. I did not expect it to be of even higher quality than what appeared on the website, but it was. Additionally, the accessories were well made and seemed to be of high quality as well. Overall the product I received was exactly as pictured on the site and operated exactly as shown in the Xtreme 6 weeks challenge video that I had watched. There were a few small questions I had about the regular use of the product and Bathmate Singapore quickly answered these through Skype which was very convenient and not something I have found with most website operations.

I have had some pretty bad experiences with companies in the past that offer adult products online. It was really refreshing to find a company like Bathmate Singapore that handles everything in a professional manner and more importantly delivers exactly what they promise and more. The fast response through email and especially Skype really made me feel comfortable dealing with them.

The buying experience was fantastic but the actual use of the Xtreme was even better! I have been using it for about 5 weeks and I am really starting to see a big difference. The handball pump design makes the training much easier, more comfortable and from what I see, much more effective. In the last 10 days I am starting to see a large improvement when I am both soft and erect, which is a real confidence booster to say the least. It has made me feel more confident in my performance and I have even gotten a few comments that confirm it is true!

For anyone looking to improve their penis size using a high quality pump I can confidently recommend the Bathmate Xtreme and www.BathmateSingapore.com. They will certainly be on the top of my list for all of my adult product needs.

Picked up girl with a bigger penis

I was looking at the profile for one super attractive girl and wondering what she was into.  I read the profile, and this caught my eye “Looking for a guy with a really BIG SENSE OF HUMOR.”  Huh?  Ok, well I am a funny guy so I took a shot.  She sent back a message to me that read:  ‘do you think its possible to have better sex with a big sense of humor?’  Hmmm… I thought…what is she up to?  Is this code?

I sent back:  “do you mean a bigger penis sense of humor? Haha”

Her:  “exactly smart guy”

Me: “Ok, but do you mean a longer penis for chuckles or an overall larger penis for really big laughs?”

Her:  “Big laughs are my favorite”

Me: “ohhh…well guess what?  I might be the funniest guy you ever met”

Her:  “show me then, big man”

Uh-oh.  Now I was in it, so had to scramble, and found a photo online of a much bigger penis than mine.  I sent it to her with the message, “guaranteed to make you laugh all night long. LOL”  And I waited.

Now I never believed all that hype that it is possible to have better sex with a bigger penis, I thought it was just some male urban myth.  But now I was in a position that I might have to produce one on demand!  I started searching the internet and came across this product called Bathmate.  It was supposed to make your penis larger and stronger in a short period of time, so I ordered it just in case.

While I was waiting for her response, I started using it and was actually surprised to see a longer penis in the mirror after only a few days.  This was like a miracle, because I am really just average size but always wanted a bigger penis.  So, my confidence was soaring and I started sending her more messages, and finally she replied.  “Comedy night is tomorrow funny guy – hope you can make me laugh”

Well, I think I was ready to see if there was anything to the myth about better sex with a larger penis.  Why not?  I had already invested the time and could see the results clearly from the Bathmate program.  I was ready to impress this girl in person.  When I got to her house she opened the door, and was twice as hot in person. Perfect!  She looks down at my bulging crotch and says, “Now that does look like the sense of humor I really needed.”  Then we both started laughing and did not stop for a very long time.  And yeah, a bigger penis really does mean better sex – its not a myth!

Longer penis saved my marriage

Does your wife ever buy you really strange gifts?  Well, mine did and at first I could not believe it.  It all started when we were watching a porno together and she commented on the guy’s size – “wow, I have never seen a longer penis than that”

Wait, what?  I looked at her to see if she was kidding, but she looked serious and kind of focused on the screen.  “C’mon, babe you never said anything before – do you think that means better sex?  It’s the personal connection and feeling that make it good.”  She looked at me like I was an idiot, and shook her head chuckling.  “Maybe its time to change your opinion.”  Boom!  I had no response to that.

The next week, she greeted me after work with a package that had arrived from Singapore.  “Here you go – it’s a present for both of us”  Inside was a product called Bathmate…and OMG… it was supposed to give me a larger penis.  After the shock wore off I decided what the heck?  I would give it a try and maybe it would mean better sex, which had become a little dull lately.

So, I started on the routine with Bathmate for 15 minutes a day, and was skeptical until I started to notice some changes.  They had included very easy to understand instructions and it was simple to use.  It really was giving me a longer penis that felt more powerful.  Of course, she wanted to see but I kept hiding it from her to see if I could really shock her.  Finally, the day arrived to reveal the masterpiece: a larger penis for my wife to enjoy.  Who knows if it would work, but I did feel much better about myself, so there was already a benefit.

Well, you should have seen her face!  It was like she had just gotten married and saw her husband for the first time, and was facing a much larger penis than she expected.  Well the surprise wore off and she jumped on me right there in the hallway.  Good thing the maid had already left, because we never made it to the bedroom.

Now, my wife is very quiet during sex, but that day you would have thought you were on a porno set.  At first, I thought she was faking, but then could feel her body responding to my longer penis inside her.   After a long, intense time we needed a break and she gives me this lazy grin, while still laying on the floor.  “ See?  I told you that you needed to change your opinion.”  Yeah, she was right, and now I see that a longer penis is not just about male ego, it really is important for female pleasure and better sex.  I can’t wait to see what she buys me next!

Bathmate review video by Jason from Florida, USA

Bathmate Review by Jason from Florida, USA

Starting from 2014, we started a new campaign to request our customers making video reviews on their Bathmate and our services. We will in return send everyone who submits Bathmate video reviews to us some special gifts. This is not to bribe our valued customers but to show our gratitude.

There are a lot of controversial theories around penis enlargement devices like Bathmate. We don’t blame on people who are sceptical on the effectiveness of these penis enlargement products. Some of these products out there are really poorly made and do not produce any results. This is why people aren’t really receptive to penis enlargement products in general.

Bathmate, however, is the best device to train you a bigger penis. Bathmate really produces amazing results in terms of penis length, penis girth and some even reported that Bathmate improves their sexual stamina. To prove the effectiveness of Bathmate, we thought by asking customers to make Bathmate review videos would be the best method.

Jason, from Florida, USA, was very kind to submit his Bathmate review to us. We are very grateful of his kind gesture and we have sent him an Xtreme as a token of appreciation. Hopefully he is able to make another review on the Xtreme.

To submit your Bathmate review to share the positive experience with your Bathmate product, please kindly contact us.


New site to celebrate our 2 Years Anniversary

It’s really exciting to announce that we have been operating for over 2 years since year 2012. As the official distributor of Bathmate products in Asia, Bathmate Singapore has become one of the most credible and reliable source of Bathmate products to customers all around the world. This is also the reason why we’ve come up with Free shipping to all destinations worldwide. Many Bathmate users have commented BathmateSingapore.com to be the best Bathmate product supplier in terms of service and shipping efficiency. This really means a lot to us. We love Bathmate penis pump and we will do all we can to make Bathmate available to everyone who needs one.

To celebrate our 2 years anniversary, we have constructed this new website from the ground up to provide our customers with a better viewing and shopping experience. We have made www.BathmateSingapore.com more informative, aiming to provide penis enhancement knowledge and Bathmate information at a more holistic level.

We’d like to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year  2014 and wish you all the best in the time ahead.

Bathmate Singapore Team