Elbow’s Hydromax X30 Six Week training

Elbow, from the UK, uses the Hydromax X30 everyday for 6 weeks. He posts 1 video every week sharing with us his progression.

Week 1:

Before [Length] 10cm, [Girth] 8.50cm. After [Length] 11.60cm, [Girth] 10.30cm.

Week 2:

Before [Length] 10.60cm, [Girth] 9.90cm. After [Length] 10.90cm, [Girth] 10.40cm.

Week 3:

Before [Length] 11.20cm, [Girth] 10.10cm. After [Length] 11.70cm, [Girth] 10.90cm.

Week 4:

Before [Length] 11.70cm, [Girth] 10.50cm. After [Length] 12.60cm, [Girth] 11.40cm.

Week 5:

Before [Length] 12.40cm, [Girth] 10.90cm. After [Length] 13.80cm, [Girth] 11.80cm.

Week 6:

Before [Length] 13.10cm, [Girth] 11.20cm. After [Length] 14.50cm, [Girth] 12.40cm.

The Hydromax series comes in 3 different sizes. X20 is the smallest, X30 being medium and the X40 is the biggest of the series. Though size varies, they are of the same efficiency, comfort and effectiveness. However, you must choose the right model for your penis size in order to gain effective and maximum results. Click here to view our sizing guide.