Longer penis saved my marriage

Does your wife ever buy you really strange gifts?  Well, mine did and at first I could not believe it.  It all started when we were watching a porno together and she commented on the guy’s size – “wow, I have never seen a longer penis than that”

Wait, what?  I looked at her to see if she was kidding, but she looked serious and kind of focused on the screen.  “C’mon, babe you never said anything before – do you think that means better sex?  It’s the personal connection and feeling that make it good.”  She looked at me like I was an idiot, and shook her head chuckling.  “Maybe its time to change your opinion.”  Boom!  I had no response to that.

The next week, she greeted me after work with a package that had arrived from Singapore.  “Here you go – it’s a present for both of us”  Inside was a product called Bathmate…and OMG… it was supposed to give me a larger penis.  After the shock wore off I decided what the heck?  I would give it a try and maybe it would mean better sex, which had become a little dull lately.

So, I started on the routine with Bathmate for 15 minutes a day, and was skeptical until I started to notice some changes.  They had included very easy to understand instructions and it was simple to use.  It really was giving me a longer penis that felt more powerful.  Of course, she wanted to see but I kept hiding it from her to see if I could really shock her.  Finally, the day arrived to reveal the masterpiece: a larger penis for my wife to enjoy.  Who knows if it would work, but I did feel much better about myself, so there was already a benefit.

Well, you should have seen her face!  It was like she had just gotten married and saw her husband for the first time, and was facing a much larger penis than she expected.  Well the surprise wore off and she jumped on me right there in the hallway.  Good thing the maid had already left, because we never made it to the bedroom.

Now, my wife is very quiet during sex, but that day you would have thought you were on a porno set.  At first, I thought she was faking, but then could feel her body responding to my longer penis inside her.   After a long, intense time we needed a break and she gives me this lazy grin, while still laying on the floor.  “ See?  I told you that you needed to change your opinion.”  Yeah, she was right, and now I see that a longer penis is not just about male ego, it really is important for female pleasure and better sex.  I can’t wait to see what she buys me next!