Six Penis Enlargement Methods & Products

For so many of years, people have debated about the possibility of increasing penis size. Opinion is divided regarding penis size enlargement methods that work and those that do not. Truthfully speaking, it all boils down to the product you choose. There are certain methods that will no doubt produce desirable results while others will not. Discussed below are some male enhancement products and methods which are widely used today.


penis enlargement methods

Increasing your penis size through the use of pills is a very popular technique applied by many males. However, before you choose the right pills, find out if they will really work for you. The majority of websites that sell pills do not advertise their effects honesty. As a matter of fact, most men who have used them previously have not been happy with the results and did not see a gain in penis size.

Resorting only to pills will typically not yield desired results. Pills are only supposed to increase the amount of blood flowing for a strong and hard erection. If you are looking for an effective penis enlargement method, then you might want to consider combining the pills together with a mechanical method that incorporates a hydraulic pump or hand pump. Moreover some companies also include some sort of exercise program that can also be combined with the pills. As a result, males can enjoy the benefits of an enhanced and larger penis.

Using penis patches as a penis enhancement method

penis enlargement methods

Patches basically integrate some quality ingredients that increase blood flow and hopefully increase the size of your penis. They work almost the same way enhancement pills do. They are used for the sole purpose of providing long lasting and stronger erections. Some people choose to combine the patches with other exercise programs as well. Patches are popular and this is attributable to a number of reasons. To begin with users find them to be discreet and there is no need for taking lots of pills on a daily basis. Users of the patches are only required to replace the patches after three days. The downside of patches lies in the fact that only minimal amounts of the ingredients gain entry into the system. Many of the ingredients disappear into your digestive system thus making it a less effective male enhancement method.

Exercising for a bigger penis size

Many males resort to certain exercise routines to increase their girth. They do so because most methods that incorporate pills and patches recommend exercises. Exercises are mostly employed in order to manipulate blood flow. This is made possible because the shaft is stretched in many different ways. When the exercises are performed, there will be a noted increased quantity of blood flowing through the penis. In essence, the increase in blood flow leads to enhancement.

As the chambers inside the penis continue filling up with blood, tissues will also start expanding in size. In fact, it works the same way a balloon does. To make it simpler to understand, take a balloon and blow air into it and then deflate it. Obviously, you will realize that the balloon has become bigger than it was before especially after the air is released. The expansion is attributed to the air that was initially blown into the balloon which gives it a bigger shape. Therefore, using various forms of exercises will enable your penis to carry more blood.

Penis stretchers

penis enlargement methods

The principle of this penis enlargement product is to stretch out the shaft a little bit longer each time. By exercising the muscle in this way, it is advertised that it can make the penis grow. However, will pulling your legs and arms in opposite directions make you taller over time?  We doubt it. Penis enhancement stretchers are only stretching lengthwise. They do not affect the girth. They are also very cumbersome to wear. Feedback has suggested that males find them very uncomfortable to use as well. The stretchers forcefully extend the penis and that is very likely to cause serious tissue damage.

Air vacuum penis pumps

penis enlargement methods

The proper meaning of a penis pump based on Wikipedia is “a cylinder that is fitted over the penis, with a manual or motorized pump to create a partial vacuum around the penis”.  According to many reports this advanced male enhancement product has been proven to deliver results. The pump increases blood flow into the penis which makes the tissue expand.

Users need to carefully follow instructions when using pumps as there is potential for harm to blood vessels and the possibility of forming blisters. There have been cases reported in which a male’s testicles have been pulled into the tube resulting in a very painful experience with the potential for long term injury. Peyronie’s Disease is also a concern when using a pump that is not properly designed and of low quality.

Use of hydraulic pumps for penis enlargement

This is the most effective enhancement method that additionally produces the most desirable results. The use of water as the medium to create pressure has many advantages. Water molecules are denser than that of air. The negative pressure of water is able to create more powerful suction force because of that. This is what makes hydraulic pumps more effective than all other penis size enlargement products. Water also allows the suction force to be evenly distributed all around the penis to gain both length plus girth. It acts like a cushion and lubricant the shaft and is making it much more comfortable to use.

Bathmate products are the first and the original hydraulic penis pumps in the world. Over the years of continuous research and development, our Bathmate male enchantment products have advanced drastically. They are now even more effective and comfortable to use. Moreover, it is backed medically as one of the products which actually show desired results. By using this method, you are guaranteed of seeing increased penis size with no side effects.

From the above, it is evident that there are several currently in use. However, if you are looking for the most effective method that has also been clinically proven, you should consider hydraulic pumps as a penis size enlargement method.

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