Picked up girl with a bigger penis

I was looking at the profile for one super attractive girl and wondering what she was into.  I read the profile, and this caught my eye “Looking for a guy with a really BIG SENSE OF HUMOR.”  Huh?  Ok, well I am a funny guy so I took a shot.  She sent back a message to me that read:  ‘do you think its possible to have better sex with a big sense of humor?’  Hmmm… I thought…what is she up to?  Is this code?

I sent back:  “do you mean a bigger penis sense of humor? Haha”

Her:  “exactly smart guy”

Me: “Ok, but do you mean a longer penis for chuckles or an overall larger penis for really big laughs?”

Her:  “Big laughs are my favorite”

Me: “ohhh…well guess what?  I might be the funniest guy you ever met”

Her:  “show me then, big man”

Uh-oh.  Now I was in it, so had to scramble, and found a photo online of a much bigger penis than mine.  I sent it to her with the message, “guaranteed to make you laugh all night long. LOL”  And I waited.

Now I never believed all that hype that it is possible to have better sex with a bigger penis, I thought it was just some male urban myth.  But now I was in a position that I might have to produce one on demand!  I started searching the internet and came across this product called Bathmate.  It was supposed to make your penis larger and stronger in a short period of time, so I ordered it just in case.

While I was waiting for her response, I started using it and was actually surprised to see a longer penis in the mirror after only a few days.  This was like a miracle, because I am really just average size but always wanted a bigger penis.  So, my confidence was soaring and I started sending her more messages, and finally she replied.  “Comedy night is tomorrow funny guy – hope you can make me laugh”

Well, I think I was ready to see if there was anything to the myth about better sex with a larger penis.  Why not?  I had already invested the time and could see the results clearly from the Bathmate program.  I was ready to impress this girl in person.  When I got to her house she opened the door, and was twice as hot in person. Perfect!  She looks down at my bulging crotch and says, “Now that does look like the sense of humor I really needed.”  Then we both started laughing and did not stop for a very long time.  And yeah, a bigger penis really does mean better sex – its not a myth!