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Bathmate Awarded ‘Best Male Enhancement’ in 2014

Bathmate Sign AwardBathmate was honored a third time within the same year. Consequently, it was given the award: Best Male Enhancement. This award was given to Bathmate by the renowned publisher Sign Magazine. It was issued in Berlin during the show Venus Awards – 2014.

Quite a good number of people have been debating about the issue concerning penis size and effectiveness in bed. This has prompted lots of studies to be conducted regarding the matter to establish whether size matters particularly with regard to delivering a stellar performance in bed. There is no doubt about the fact that there are few penis enlargement products on the market today. However, the number one technique capable of producing the desired results in an effective way is the enlargement pump. Even though other products also work by physically stimulating the penis to increase its size, the penis pump remains a market leader due to its effectiveness.

DX Products is the company that designed the highly innovative Hydromax penis pumps that clinched three awards within the same year. The Bathmate Hydromax pumps are designed to deliver one main objective: to make the penis bigger. It works by creating negative pressure that allows a vacuum to buildup in the pump. This action gets more blood flowing into the penis and makes it bigger. Routine implementation and regular use will definitely provide permanent and highly impressive results.